Hadas Crispi, Adv deals with various aspects of Real Estate, Commercial, Business and Inheritance law. These are intertwined fields of law include a world of legal and business activities.

In Real Estate law, our firm has widespread experience handling both private and commercial real estate deals, in Israel and abroad. We have accompanied a variety of real estate transactions, providing dedicated and professional care from the initial prospect stage, through to closure.

In the field of Inheritance and Estate law, our firm provides services which cover all issues from the simplest to the most complex, including: preparation of Wills in various languages, probating and executing of Wills, administration of Estates and litigation in court.

Through our thorough understanding the law, of the legal procedures and the tax implications on all these matters, our firm provides comprehensive solutions and a one stop shop for every need.

13th Floor, Levinstein Tower,
Menachem Begin Rd
Tel Aviv Yafo 66182 Israel

Hadas Crispi Levin, Adv

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